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Nils Gaup's Head Above Water on DVD
2006-08-09 00:18:24

Nils Gaup's comedy-thriller Hodet over vannet (Head Above Water) from 1993 is finally released on DVD – with English subtitles. The read more

More Norwegian classics released!
2006-08-08 23:42:29

It's been rather dry release-wise during the summer, but as we're approaching autumn things should kick up. Anyway, a new bunch of Norwegian classics have been released during summer, including the fa... read more

Swedish crime series on DVD
2006-06-22 22:22:30

There are loads of Swedish crime series available on DVD now - and more keeps coming every week - some very cheap. Check out read more

Posters on sale!
2006-06-17 14:31:52

All posters in stock are now on sale, many are even sold for less than in-price! Needless to say these posters won't return so order now if ... read more

Order information simplified
2006-06-12 18:32:10

The order information page was filled with a lot of mumbo-jumbo – it's still that of course, but a lot less than before... ;). ... read more

New documentary and book about portrayal of youth in films
2006-05-24 23:31:17

The Norwegian documentary "La meg være ung!" ("Still Young - After All These Years" *) takes a broad look at Scandinavian youth films from the 50's until today, and shows clips from over 90 films. It ... read more

Finland winner of Eurovision Song Contest
2006-05-21 12:39:01

Europe was clearly ready for Hard Rock Hallelujah this year when Finland's Lordi reigned on top. That means next year's final will b... read more

New and improved forum!
2006-05-20 02:12:36

The forum has just got a facelift and a number of new forums have been added to keep it up-to-date. Soon you'll find links around the website to relevant threads on the forum. So ... read more

Sweden to the finals - Belgium and Estonia left behind!
2006-05-19 03:00:18

Sweden's Carola advanced to the final in the Eurovision Song Contest, while one of the favourites Kate Ryan for Belgium was left behind. So was also the "second Swedish contestant", Sandra Oxenryd, pe... read more

Search, browse and campaign functions improved
2006-05-16 21:47:37

The search function is greatly improved, first of all when it comes to speed. While searches earlier could cause your browser to crash it should now run smoothly even if you try a "blank search" for e... read more

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