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Hurtigruten - minute by minute



Tatu to record new album!
2004-07-26 02:43:58

Tatu is actually the number-one search-phrase used to arrive at, so I guess some Tatu news should be be in place. Fans can at least calm down: The rumours that the group has split up is not ... read more

New album from Da Buzz
2004-07-24 03:09:56

The Swedish pop/ dance-group Da Buzz has released a new album called "Dangerous". Da Buzz were included on the Lilja 4-ever soundtrack with the song "Wanna be with me".

Related link: read more

Maria Mena on Letterman!
2004-07-24 02:53:09

The Norwegian artist Maria Mena appeared on Late show with David Letterman on Tuesday July 20. You can of course get all her available releases from, including the original Norwegian albums ... read more

Venke Knutson
2004-07-23 21:40:38

Many people are searching for Venke Knutson when arriving at this site, so the webshop is now updated will all her releases and a biography (in Norwegian only for now though).

Venke Knutso... read more

Hong Kong Lilja 4-ever DVD reviewed
2004-07-18 21:27:06

Unfortunately the Hong Kong Lilja 4-ever DVD release is really Region 3, so you'll need a region-free player to play it. However, many American DVD players can be made region-free just by a simple rem... read more

Several new projects featuring Oksana Akinsjina!
2004-07-18 21:06:25

Oksana Akinsjina is certainly keeping herself busy, playing one of the main parts in the Russian film "Igry Motylkov" aka "The Games of Moths" (poster t... read more

Selected upcoming films
2004-07-10 03:52:15

Banners for selected upcoming films have been added, so keep refreshing or access several pages to see them all! You can click the banner to get to the title page. The films include "Hannah med H" ("A... read more

Technical update
2004-07-10 03:42:19

Several technical tweaks of the shop: You can now access artist pages (even though biographies aren't available for many yet you can at least get their career listing). It's now easier to get from the... read more

Catalogue improvements!
2004-06-27 04:13:47

A couple of improvements of the catalogue: The search-function now works for artists aswell and will also show you the artists for music releases. The same applies for the shop pages (in particular th... read more

Weekly updates
2004-06-25 21:25:35

To get a better "news flow" I'll start sending out weekly news updates - probably around the weekend - with a brief summary of the news posts this week. In additon I'll finally start the shop-related ... read more

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Hurtigruten - minute by minute

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