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Hurtigruten - minute by minute



"Aldri mer 13" (Goodbye 13!) finally on DVD!
2009-04-05 16:52:16

The Norwegian youth film Aldri mer 13 ("Goodbye 13!") from 1996, directed by Sirin Eide, is now available on DVD for the first time. English s... read more

Modstrilogin back in stock!
2009-04-05 16:38:40

Stefan Jarl's classic documentary series Mods is finally back in stock after having been unavailable for a long time. It's now released as a f... read more

Hustruer (Wives) finally on DVD!
2009-04-05 16:25:43

Anja Breien's acclaimed film trilogy Hustruer (Wifes) is - after countless delays - finally released on DVD. You get all three films in a box ... read more

Memfis Collection Box
2009-04-05 16:20:09

All 23 films by Memfis Film that recently was re-released with English subtitles a cardboard sleeve are now available in a collection box. So ... read more

Exchange rate still very affordable
2009-01-06 20:08:44

The NOK is still relatively low, so all international customers can still enjoy lower prices. Especially the Euro is record-high at the moment. Exchange rates are now updated as of January 5, 2009. ... read more

Nominations for the 2008 Guldbagge Awards
2008-12-30 17:49:05

The nominations for the 2008 Guldbagge Awards (Swedish Film Awards) were announced in a press release from the Swedish Film Institute today. A jury of 31 members has voted in a secret ballot for th... read more

Lukas Moodysson's Mammoth to Berlin
2008-12-30 17:41:31

The Swedish Film Institute reported in a press release on December 12 that Lukas Moodysson?s Mammoth has been selected for Main Competition (Official Selection) at the Berlin International Filmfestiva... read more

Payson available in English
2008-12-27 02:15:27

The Swedish payment service Payson is now available in English, which makes it a lot more accessible alternative to regular credit card payment for non-Scandinavians within Europe (the service is unfo... read more

Complete Memfis Film catalogue to be re-released on DVD
2008-12-27 02:10:05

The complete catalogue of Memfis Film, the film studio behind i.e. Fucking Åmål, Lilja 4-ever, Kopps and Jalla! Jalla!, will be re-released on DVD February 4, 2009 - all with English and Scandinavian... read more

Price for registered airmail adjusted
2008-11-03 00:37:22

Price for registered airmail is adjusted for international customers. This is due to new prices and price calculation method from the postal service. The good news is that you now get the tracking num... read more

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Hurtigruten - minute by minute
Hurtigruten - minute by minute

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