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Stock sale only

2015-01-04 17:09:00

Like I mentioned in my last blog post the home-video business is changing very rapidly at the moment and our sales have dropped significantly the last years and especially last autumn. The volume is not big enough even for a niche web shop focusing on physical Nordic video releases. Online streaming/ digital downloads is the future and that future is very rapidly becoming the present - we simply have to catch up. Currently this is not something I am able to offer, but you never know.

This means that no new releases will be added to the shop from now on and products not currently in stock are no longer available to order. I will focus on selling stock items and selected best sellers like the "minutt for minutt" series from NRK as long as there is interest in those.

The good news is that I can (almost) guarantee that the product you order is in stock and will ship within 24 hours. There is only 1 copy in stock of most products and many are no longer available - so be sure to order now if there is something you want.

I can make an exception for existing customers if there was a film you didn't get around to order up before it was removed from the site. Orders placed prior to this change are of course not affected.


2015-07-16 13:22:55
Webmaster Website

These titles are unfortunately no longer available.

2015-03-09 16:05:10
Geoffrey Tudor United Kingdom Website

Hello. I am looking for these titles: 'Jag ar Maria','Den attonde Dagen' and Nonneborn(?) I would be most grateful if you can tell me if they are in stock, or can be obtained. Very kind regards. Geoff Tudor

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